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Timelink medical Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "timelink medical") in order to build a platform for research and development, investment fund, open enterprise development platform and service industry science and Technology Park operation as a whole. The company was founded in June 2016, headquartered in Chifeng, is one of the dozens of sea to the doctor and medical professional investment fund company co-founder of the bio medical technology company, a leading medical research institute with Mongolia's, timelink Kim quasi Gene Technology Co., Ltd. timelink biotechnology and other high-tech companies, focus on Bio Medical, gene diagnosis, nutrition and health care, telemedicine, Mongolian medicine modernization and other fields, and intends to holdings The purchase of other forms of introducing more cooperative enterprises. Among them, the leader of the Medical Research Institute of Mongolia, timelink Kim quasi Gene Technology Co Ltd is temporarily located in Chifeng Bokang pharmaceutical factory, has been put into use and equipment debugging, the project officially put into operation in November have food borne virus detection, detection of food borne bacteria and colon cancer SEPTIN 9 gene mutation and cervical 18 kinds of cancer related high risk human papilloma virus (HPV) gene detection; timelink Biological Technology Co. Ltd is located in Hangzhou national high tech Development Zone, as timelink frontier and transit base Haichuang biological science and Technology Park Investment Holdings Company introduction of medical talents, fully Using the Yangtze River Delta technology, talent advantage, the coastal areas have been introduced to the coastal areas of Chifeng science and technology park for industrialization.

        Next, timelink medical in Hangzhou, Chifeng as the center, the layout of the country, is committed to creating "innovation, cooperation, open and inclusive" cultural ideas, will be open from the global perspective and life sciences innovation scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, attract representative global innovation force and talent project at the same time, will be sharing their comprehensive development platform and medical resources, joint innovation and entrepreneurship, plan three years into the cooperation of more than 20 enterprises, including gene diagnosis, biological immune, Mongolia pharmaceutical, medical, health care, medical services in all areas of CRO platform, the initial formation of innovative life science Industrial clusters, promote the Bio Medical Industry Agglomeration in Chifeng and complementary resources, boosting China's pharmaceutical industry especially the development and upgrading of Mongolian medicine resources.